Volunteer With Us

Our Brownsville community benefits enormously from the events and programs our parent volunteers help provide and facilitate. Realizing that not everyone has the same availability, interests, or talents, there are MANY ways that YOU can serve as a volunteer and we welcome what you are able to offer!

Volunteer Forms

Brownsville joins other schools in Albemarle County in working to keep school and student safety a focus. The Volunteer Registration and Code of Ethics forms need to be turned into the BES front office. The County also requires a copy of a valid photo ID. The Brownsville office staff will be happy to photocopy your ID when you come in. Every Brownsville volunteer will need to have these forms complete before volunteering at Brownsville.


We are the Brownsville Bees

As Brownsville Bees, our entire school embraces the Bee concept (e.g., hives, colonies, worker bees, etc). Just as honeybees are fascinating and social insects engaged in multitude of complex tasks that depend on the efforts of the entire colony to survive; our PTO and parent volunteers function the same way. Therefore we structure our PTO terminology around this concept.


A colony is our term for a Committee. Some colonies need volunteer help throughout the year (longitudinal) while other colonies may require volunteer help for an annual event. If there is a specific colony you’d like to join, please send an email to Stacey Pattie, our volunteer coordinator:

Hive Helpers

This is our general group of volunteers. A sign up genius is emailed to all Hive Helpers throughout the year to allow volunteers to pick and choose opportunities based on interest, availability and skill set. If you’re not sure how you want to volunteer, this is a good place to start.
Hive Helper Sign Up

In-Class Worker Bees

At the beginning of the school year, two immediate ways to volunteer in your child’s classroom are though our Art Print Program or by volunteering as a Room Parent. The sign up opportunities for these will take place in the cafeteria during Open House.

Please Note:

There may be other opportunities to volunteer, however the duties and frequencies of these needs will be school-year dependent.