PTO meetings will be announced.

Executive Board

Jacqueline Morgan
Kathleen Ross

Vice Presidents
Kristen Craig
Christy Hubbard

Past Presidents
Julie Teman
Chris Whitford

Joy Hua

Assistant Treasurer
Jeff McNish

Jen Burke
Sarae Janes

Paul McGown

Volunteer Coordinators
Kandace Barnes
Jill Ferrell

BEE Program Reps
Julie Teman
Chris Whitford

Staff Care
Anna DiGregory
Meaghan Craddock

Website Design & BeeMail
Ashley Young

BEE Board

Kate Modica
Lynn Ross

Denise Pinto
Lynn Ross

Sara Campbell

Kari Cress

Administrative Duties
Jenn Layne

Colony Chairs

Art Print
Heather Flynn
Beth Garriott
Jessie Sever

Back To School Supplies
Fotini Burns

BEE Healthy
Laura Neu
Sharyn Parlee

BEE Program
Kate Modica
Lynn Ross

Coat Drive
David Foreman

Fifth Grade Send-Off
Lucy Cummings
Heather Stumpf

Fun Fair
Beth Garriott
Laura Neu

FUNd Drive for the Hive
Christen Gelfand

Grounds Beautification
Laura Neu

Hive Jive
Dana Adams
Jill Rose

Heidi Grassi
Kristin Roush

Kindergarten Events
Gary Grassi
Katie Daugherty
Jessie Sever

Lost and Found
Brandi Clifford

Movie Night
Gary Grassi

Newcomers Network
Hillary Sodha

Parent Council
Omar Garriott
Oguzhan Celebi

Publishing House
Sarah Harris

Retail Rebates
Jessica Landseadel

Social Colony
Melissa Kelly
Kim Nicoletti
Johanna O’Loughlin

Natalie Palmer

Carmen Goodnight
Erika Lehmer

Staff CARE
Dana Adams
Mary Nacey
Christian Simmers

Student Council
OPEN – Volunteer Today!

Used Book Sale
Susan Rogers

Variety Show
Mary Nacey

Winter Food Drive
Lauri Campbell

Kati Ritter
Ahna See

A Message from the Presidents

The co-presidents are always happy to receive feedback and new ideas! Contact Sarah & Dana

As the 2017-2018 co-presidents of the Brownsville PTO, we would like to welcome you to another fantastic school year! As you may already know, you are a member of the PTO simply by being the parent or caregiver of a Brownsville student. The Brownsville PTO is a large and active organization that provides special events, programs, and support for the teachers, students, and families of Brownsville throughout the year. From an outdoor movie night in September to a fun fair in April, our school year is jam-packed with community-building events that help make Brownsville Elementary THE place to Bee! We will kick off our year with our 2nd Annual Fund Drive for the Hive, our one-and-only PTO fundraising event. Last year’s Fund Drive for the Hive success allowed us to provide all PTO events at-cost or completely free for families. With your generous contributions to the Fund Drive, we are looking forward to another wonderful year of family fun and school success in the Brownsville PTO.

Dana Adams and Sarah Harris
2017-2018 PTO co-presidents